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When and why should i seek a consultation or treatment?

Whether you injured yourself or have been suffering from nagging foot/ankle pain for weeks, you should seek treatment from a foot and ankle specialist immediately. Often patients will wait until the pain is unbearable or will self treat until the pain just doesn't go away. The problem with that approach is, the longer something goes untreated, the more likely that you will develop long term complications. Early diagnosis and treatment are the best way to avoid chronic issues and costly care, or even the possible need for surgery.

What can i expect at my visit?

One on one time with Dr. Trivedi. Simple. There are no middle men, no distractions. After a  detailed history and physical examination,  you and Dr. Trivedi will together devise a comprehensive treatment plan that fits you and your life. If you require additional diagnostics, they will be coordinated at the time of your visit. 

what if i need a procedure or surgery?

Each patient and each situation is different. After evaluating your situation, if a procedure or surgery is  necessary, we will discuss all your options in depth. You will have plenty of time to ask questions, do research, and get the information you need before proceeding. 

What should I do to prepare for my first visit?

Complete all information requested in your appointment confirmation email.  If your consultation is regarding your toenails, please make sure to remove all nail polish 24 hours prior to your appointment. Bring all pertinent information, medication or treatments you have attempted prior to your appointment. 


do you accept my insurance?

While we accept some insurance plans, our focus is to provide meaningful, personalized care for each patient, which is difficult within the constraints of government and insurance plan guidelines.  In order to spend more time directly with you, the patient, and to provide immediate and thorough treatment, we also offer a direct pay model. 

What is direct pay?

Direct pay means that the doctor enters into an agreement directly with the patient. There are no limits placed by insurance companies, on the care you receive. There are no hidden fees, and your costs are completely evident to you before any treatment is undertaken. 

Why would I opt for direct pay?

This model allows us the freedom to spend as much time with you as necessary.  We can even schedule home visits or virtual visits. It enables us to tailor treatment plans for your life and goals instead of insurance guidelines. Most importantly, because there's no additional paperwork and red tape, it allows us to significantly increase your savings by passing on discounts directly to you. For those patients with high deductible plans, those without insurance or those with plans we don't accept - this is a great option.

What if i don't have insurance or have a very high deductible plan?

We accommodate all patients regardless of insurance status. We offer competitive,  discounted prices for direct pay patients.  Call us for more details.